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xredhairandwingsx: Dude, where did you learn to draw?! Are you self taught, a book learner..? I've been following your Hammerball and Flying Swirl drawings and everytime, I'm just like "SSSHHHHHHWWWAAAAAAAAAAARRR! this guy is awesome.."


Ivvve learned how to draw everywhere XD I dont even know what “Self taught” means to be honest like….I was self taught for the most part all the way until high school.  But I did have a mandatory art class that encouraged me to draw?  I learned from drawing books back then.  When I got to high school I took both digital and traditional art classes.  And then I went to a 2 year college for a degree in Studio Art (basically, fine art).

The classes were ok and helped point me in the right direction and open new doors for me, especially with color and trying different styles, and the figure drawing class was helpful.  But really that just points you in a direction, most of the work you’re gonna have to do on your own.  Most of what I learned about the ACTUAL SKILL of drawing or painting could probably be found in a book.  I do not regret it though, as my teachers did point me in good directions, give me awesome advice, and they were very kind!  I also took a lot of digital art classes while I was there which I enjoyed as well, even if a lot of the stuff I knew from high school. 

So Ive learned how to draw everywhere.  On line, books (though not so many books, cuz a lot of the really good ones are rather expensive).  Youtube is a big help cuz theres a lot of professionals and really good artists giving awesome advice. 

Here are some of the channels I’m subbed to


Honestly I cant believe FZD exists as a channel.  It was the first channel that really got me to stop being scared to paint environments, and encouraged me to jump in and start experimenting and thinking.  Its run by Feng Zhu, who is a professional concept artist, as well as the founder of a school for teaching the craft, and a teacher there.  He uploads lectures and lessons on line for FREE. 



And just observation of the people that inspire me, and a lot of practice.  I get a lot of inspiration from animation and movement and expression.  Organic shapes.  I know I need to work more on solid things like buildings, cities, rooms, props.  Thats where I need to start learning more next.



okay so uhhhm, i know most of you will think this is just for attention, well it’s really not, i’m honestly so serious about this guys..

The past few months have been very tough for me & my sister, so we’ve decided to get together and do this for my mum, the texts above are my sister & my mum, my dad not long ago passed away due to severe damage to his lungs, mainly caused from smoking, yet my mum still smokes, and it brings me to tears, honest to god..

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if you can help, then thank you. You’re basically saving a life, and making another’s happier, which is lovely, I couldn’t ask for more, I’ve always asked her to stop, and she’s always said no, this is my ONLY chance, and you can help out, please.

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K, but can people at least cut it with the Elsa/Anna looking like Rapunzel crap?




Seriously, do this fucking look like Rapunzel to you?



They remind me of background characters.

Background characters are based off of a basic set of models, while clothes, hair, and color schemes are tampered with to create a sense of diversity in a…

I would like to point out that Tangled is based off of a German fairytale and Frozen is based off of a Danish fairytale.

So, while their facial structures and body types could CERTAINLY be changed (Anna and Elsa’s structures would have to depend on the parents, of course), their skin and hair colorings are really aiming to be more accurate for their regions at the time the stories are supposed to take place.

I completely agree! Clothes and skin/hair color should match up with the location and time period of the story.

I’m just a little disappointed that the same body and facial structure is recycled for the films. While there are many wonderful aspects of both Tangled and Frozen, its frustrating to see these characters with identical body structures and facial features despite the fact that they are different characters of different films set, as you said, in different regions and places.

The comparison to background characters was just me trying to point out that Rapunzel, Anna, and Elsa should be unique because they are protagonists, NOT background characters, so its only logical that they should not be designed like one.

K, but can people at least cut it with the Elsa/Anna looking like Rapunzel crap?


Seriously, do this fucking look like Rapunzel to you?



They remind me of background characters.

Background characters are based off of a basic set of models, while clothes, hair, and color schemes are tampered with to create a sense of diversity in a crowd. While it is easy to spot the similarities between them, background characters are not the focus of the movie (hence the term “background”).

Rapunzel, Anna, and Elsa are NOT background characters. They are the protagonists of their stories. Because of this, I cannot help but be a little disappointed by their characterization.

While I mean no disrespect to their animators, it is frustrating for those who spend the time and effort to create characters who are both unique and diverse, while characters such as Rapunzel, Anna, and Elsa are passed off as “quality” characters.

Tangled and Frozen are some of the biggest movies of our times; however; in my opinion, these characters are a tad bit overrated (pertaining to their design), and as long as movies such as these continue to be a big success, this issue still need to be addressed.


I haven’t written in a while and im still unsure of whether or not im any good, so I wanted to write a sad/comforting fanfiction so… Here you go!

Warning: HTTYD 2 spoilers

Astrid comforting Hiccup fluff

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Fur tutorial for thepenguini.

Fur tutorial

Step 1: Flat colour

First draw your sloth.
This first bit is possibly the hardest in the tutorial, which is why I’ve glossed over it in four words. Draw the furry thing, then work out what markingis it has. I’ve put a mini-palette with sloth’s base colours
on the canvas for reference later.

Step 2: Blending

Using a hard brush, blend the markings into each other. My sloth has smoky markings, but if your creature has bold marks like a tiger you still need to soften the edges a little, or else the marks will look pasted on.
Some people prefer blending with a textured brush, but an untextured brush works fine. The important thing is not to use a soft or ‘fuzzy’ brush, or your work will look like it’s out of focus. Reduce the brush opacity to 60-30% and keep picking colour from the canvas.
If you’re following along in ArtRage, I used the default Blending Markers brush from the Felt Pen group.

Step 3: Flat shading

With the colours done, you’re free to concentrate on the shapes and volumes in the picture. In the working version of this painting, I drew in a little sun and an arrow to show where the main light source isI’ve left it out to avoid unnecessary clutter, but it’s a good habit to get into, particularly if you have to take breaks during the painting session.
In this example, I’ve used a medium grey on a multiply layer but your colour choice will depend on the light colour and conditions, and the atmosphere you’re trying to create. Experiment with different colours and see what works best in your image.

Step 4: More blending

Flatten your shadow layer and carefully work the colour into the base tones. Remember, there are two different types of shadow: form shadows and cast shadows.
Form shadows show the shape of an object and, unless the object has sharp edges and distinct planes, they’re are usually nice and soft, but hat doesn’t mean you get to use a soft brush! Hard brush, low opacity, remember?
Cast shadows are shadows cast by objects. It’s obvious when you think about it, really. They’re sharp-edged when the casting object is near to the shadowed surface and fuzzy when the casting object is further away. In some cases, that means that the shadow starts out with sharp edges and gets fuzzier along its length. Tree shadows are a great example of this behaviour.

Step 5: Fur direction

Time to make the sloth properly fuzzy. Grab a picture of your animal and check how its fur lies. Keen eyes will notice that I’ve changed the lineart a bit - it turns out that sloth fur grows backwards!
On a new layer, I’ve drawn arrows to indicate the direction of the fur, and I’ll be referring to them for the next few steps.

Step 6: Fur - first pass

Create a new layer and set it to the “Multiply” blend mode.
Using the same colour as the base, draw in the fur with single lines. Pay attention to the length of the fur and don’t get fussy: this part
shouldn’t take too long.
Go over the shadowed areas again with a darker colour.

If your art program has one, a slightly textured brush is good for this. Otherwise, keep going with the hard round brush.

Step 7: Fur - second pass

If you look at your reference images, you’ll notice that fur is darker closer to the skin.
This means that your original colour choice is a few shades lighter than you want it to be. Duplicate the colour layer and move it to the top of the layer stack. Set it to multiply and drop the opacity to about half.

Step 8: Fur - third pass

Last step. Create a new layer and set it to the “Highlight” blend mode (called “Screen” in other paint packages).
Using the same brush you did the rest of the fur with and the base colour you chose in the beginning, draw highlights in the areas lit by direct light.

Finishing touches

All that’s left now is to tighten the picture up a bit by cropping out the unused space and drop in a background to show everything off to best effect.

Font is OpenDyslexic

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Do you guys see this?



Let me tell you here.

This is a book my friend bought me when we were in the fourth grade. Yesterday I found out this jackass is bullying her and making her contemplate suicide.

I have two copies of this book. One book will be given to my friend, entitled “list of people who care”, and the other will be given to the bully, which will be entitled, “list of people who want to fuck your shit up”.

Reblog and I’ll write your URL down in these books




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Aggressive guy won’t leave you alone? Give them this number (669) 221-6251

A new service is angling to help out women worried about how their rejection will be handled by overly-aggressive gentleman callers. It’s called the Feminist Phone Intervention, and it’s a brilliantly simple trick for socially active.

It works like this: The next time you give a man your number to get him to leave you alone, use this one: (669) 221-6251, courtesy of the folks over Feminist Intervention. When someone calls that number, they’ll reach a computer-recorded message of a bell hooks quotation — so you can “protect your privacy while dropping some feminist knowledge when your unwanted ‘suitor’ calls or texts,” the website explains. It works for texts, too. 

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so useful. spread this shit like wildfire

We shouldn’t need this, but I’m glad we have it

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